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I have successfully supported hundreds of companies in expanding their businesses by leveraging energy, creation, connection, community, and collaboration; clients include companies listed in the Fortune 500, Forbes Richest List, and with clients throughout the world; including North and South America, Europe, and Asia. I have written a #1 best selling book on the business expansion process I created called Soul Career Clarity and recently was featured on Forbes. 

I am the podcast host of Freedom with NFTs. I interview NFT gurus so they can share their experiences, tips, and tools so that you can dive even deeper into creating your own freedom with NFTs. 

I am a partner at Ciao Ciao Piadina, an Italian restaurant located in San Diego, California. She managed the branding and design of the Italian wine bar.

I am Vice President of Help the Kani, a nonprofit that provides education and essential services to women and children in southern India. Yearly, she travels to India to check in on the projects that Help the Kani funds and has helped raise thousands of dollars to support these projects including; children's homes, family homes, and schools.

I express myself through self-portrait photography with her project, Find The Hare. I take photos of herself in a rabbit mask in natural settings to create images that are otherworldly and mysterious.

This has been an on going project for over a decade.

My three words of inspiration are give, serve, and community and I believe by focusing on these that the world will shift to be a healthier and happier place.

I look forward to connecting with you further!

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Lauren Turton is incredible!  As a speaker at our Success Summit 360 she rocked her presentation! Amazing energy, content & our audience of entrepreneurs loved her!  After the summit I received feedback from our audience that Lauren was a crowd favorite.  You will always get 110% with Lauren Turton! A must speaker for your next event!

— Bill Walsh, CEO/FOUNDER Powerteam International —

Public Speaker

How to Breakthrough to Your Next Level of Success

For many years I was overwhelmed with where I was in my career, I knew that there was something more out there for me, but I hadn’t tapped into what my soul’s calling was.  After I dialed into my purpose in life and my soul’s calling, my career went through a major up level and I am now living my dream life.  In this talk, I teach the 8 step formula I created so that others can breakthrough to their next level of success and live the life they desire and deserve.

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Lauren and I have been in a mastermind for female empowerment for four years and I became her client one year ago.  She is brilliant, honest, and genuine. She
is straightforward and breaks down the positives of what I’ve done as well as how I can better improve.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and clairvoyant. I highly recommend connecting with Lauren if you are looking for support in expanding where you are in your business and life.  Not only can
she help you do that, but she has her hands in so many amazing ventures!  She is sure to inspire you!

Dr. Peace Uche, PharmD.

CEO, Transformational Speaker, and Bestselling Author of Doc Peace of Mind

I have known Lauren Turton for five years and our relationship is a mixture of friendship and business. Lauren is reliable, inspiring, and passionate about her connections.  From helping me elevate my brand in ways I never knew were possible to co organizing an annual charity event for the past fel years to being a catalyst for change in a female entrepreneur mastermind we are both in, I know I can call upon her for anything I have going on!  Lauren is determined and her follow through is an impeccable part of her personality.  Not only that, but she is one of my favorite people to hit the dance floor with!  Connecting with Lauren will change your life!

Jessica Bolton, Psy.D.

Correctional Psychologist
CEO and Fashion Designer of That Dome Piece

Lauren Turton has become a close friend and mentor to me over the past few years as I transitioned from a 9
to 5 mindset to stepping into the second half of my life’s work as an entrepreneur. I have always admired her business strategies and how she was able to create
multiple businesses while still keeping a balanced life. She has truly mastered the art of work, life, and spiritual balance that is needed to run a business. She
has helped me level my idea into a business all while I still work a full-time job through her guidance, creativity, and authentic support. She is a person that
will always go above and beyond!

Anisett Jacques-Willis, MA, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker, Department of Veteran Affairs
CEO and Co-Founder of One Centricity

Soul Career Clarity is for female entrepreneurs and experts who are feeling stuck and overwhelmed with where they are in their current reality and who want to breakthrough to their next level of success.

In this how-to-guide, I serve up an 8-Step Formula that will help you dial into what your calling in life is and leverage that to elevate your career.  Also, included are my inspiring stories, safe advice, and exercises, helping you to:

  • Clear anything blocking your mindset from the breakthrough you crave and reprogram your thinking so you can access your full potential.
  • Identify where your limiting beliefs come from and how to overcome those limiting beliefs.
  • Learn about the natural gifts you were born with and how to leverage them so you are creating from a place of divine intentions.
  • Tap into your life’s purpose so you can use that as your driving force to take you to the next level.
  • Envision your biggest dreams and goals so you can turn them into reality.
    Dial into what your current reality is and analyze what is working and what needs to be optimized.
  • Create a detailed action plan to turn your biggest dreams and goals into reality.
    Begin to TAKE ACTION on the plan you create so you can live the life you desire and deserve.

By the end of Soul Career Clarity, you’ll understand what your purpose in life is, how you can leverage that for your future, and create a detailed action plan to turn your career and life dreams into reality.

Soul Career Clarity

The 8 Step Formula to Breakthrough to Your Next Level of Success So You Can Live the Life You Desire and Deserve

By Lauren Turton

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